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For years, I struggled with range, intonation, and endurance. Through my research and studies, I've found my way to nearly limitless endurance, great control of sound and intonation, and range to a Triple C and beyond.  My method of teaching can help almost anyone to gain the range, endurance, and control I now posses. We work with your physical characteristics and find the best way to play for YOU. Often, a student's "problem" is not their "uncommon" physical traits, it's the teacher's lack of study or knowledge; many unnecessary embouchure changes have resulted from this. 

In addition, I teach improvisation, theory and composition. I have extensive knowledge of the improvisation techniques of the great trumpeter Woody Shaw, the subject of my DMA paper. I teach improvisation like a language: first, you learn the basics of reading, writing, and conversation. Then you refine your individual voice through choosing your vocabulary and turn of phrase. I teach in person and also online  lessons for those far away. For pricing and to set up a lesson, please fill out the form in the CONTACT section.

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